Mar. 14, 2017

Ray of Light Theatre Continues Its 2017 Season with Cult Classics Reefer Madness and The Rocky Horror Show

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Ray of Light Theatre Continues Its 2017 Season with Cult Classics

Reefer Madness and The Rocky Horror Show


Cabaret Spotlight Series to Feature One-Night Engagements by

Bay Area Favorites Ellyn Marie Marsh and Alex Rodriguez


SAN FRANCISCO — March 13, 2017 — Ray of Light Theatre, San Francisco’s non-profit musical theatre company, today announced its 2017 season of cult classic musicals including the raucous propaganda comedy Reefer Madness, and the return of The Rocky Horror Show, starring D’Arcy Drollinger. Ray of Light also announced its Cabaret Spotlight Series at Martuni’s Piano Bar featuring the talents of Ellyn Marie Marsh and Alex Rodriguez, each in their own limited-engagement solo performance.

Reefer Madness has always been a show Ray of Light has wanted to do, and we continue to have a blast making The Rocky Horror Show a San Francisco Halloween tradition,” said Jason Hoover, Ray of Light’s Artistic Director. “We’re going to bring a little bit of political propaganda and a whole lot of sweet transvestite to the Victoria Theatre this fall, and we can’t wait for Bay Area audiences to enjoy it with us.”


Reefer Madness

Book and lyrics by Kevin Murphy
Book and music by Dan Studney
September 15 through October 7
Victoria Theatre, San Francisco

Inspired by the 1936 propaganda film of the same name, this raucous musical comedy takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the hysteria caused when clean-cut kids fall prey to marijuana, leading them on a hysterical downward spiral filled with evil jazz music, sex and violence. The addictive and clever musical numbers range from big Broadway-style showstoppers to swing tunes like ‘Down at the Ol’ Five and Dime’ and the Vegas-style ‘Listen to Jesus, Jimmy,’ featuring J.C. Himself leading a chorus of showgirl angels. This dynamic show will go straight to your head! You won’t be able to resist the spoofy fun of Reefer Madness.


The Rocky Horror Show

Book and Music by Richard O’Brien
October 26 through November 4
Victoria Theatre, San Francisco

Back for its third-annual fully-staged production, Richard O’Brien’s iconic The Rocky Horror Show warps back to the Victoria stage just in time for Halloween! Join lovable squares Brad and Janet as they stumble upon the Frankenstein Place–and its frisky residents from another planet. Featuring D’Arcy Drollinger as “Sweet Transvestite” Frank-n-Furter, this rollicking cult classic will have you shivering in antici…


Cabaret Spotlight Series @ Martuni’s Piano Bar

Bay Area favorites Ellyn Marie Marsh and Alex Rodriguez will present solo cabaret performances at Martuni’s Piano Bar as part of Ray of Light’s Cabaret Spotlight Series. Marsh, a Ray of Light alum, is currently a swing in Broadway’s Kinky Boots while Rodriguez, a Ray of Light staff member, has been seen on Bay Area stages from here to Redwood City and everywhere in between.

Ellyn Marie Marsh in Live! From Carnegie Hall
Wednesday, April 19

Alex Rodriguez in No Hablo Español
Wednesday, July 19

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit


About Ray of Light

Blood. Sweat. Musicals. Founded in 2001 by Shane Ray in San Francisco, Ray of Light Theatre has developed a reputation for producing bold musicals that push boundaries. Show highlights include Silence! The Musical (2017), The Wild Party (2016), Heathers: The Musical (West Coast premiere, 2015), LIZZIE (West Coast Premiere, 2015), Triassic Parq (2014), CARRIE the Musical (West Coast premiere, 2013), Into the Woods (2013), Assassins (2011), Jerry Springer the Opera (West Coast premiere, 2010), The Rocky Horror Show (2016, 2015, 2008) and Bat Boy (2005, 2006). In addition to full productions, Ray of Light presents exciting cabaret talent in its Cabaret Spotlight Series. For more information, visit us at, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Press Contact:
Alex Kirschner

Feb. 03, 2016

18 SFBATCC Award Nominations for Our 2015 Season!

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Thank you to the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle for our nominations, and congratulations to all.

See the nominations here:

Jan. 11, 2016

The Rocky Horror Show Returns!

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Ray of Light’s production of The Rocky Horror Show will return to the Victoria just in time for Halloween. Our now-annual evening of debauchery will again star D’Arcy Drollinger as the iconic Frank-N-Furter.

Season passholders get early access to special discounted tickets. Buy a pass today!

D’Arcy Drollinger as Frank-N-Furter. Photo by Erik Scanlon.
Dec. 30, 2015

Announcing our 2016 Season!

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Presenting our 2016 season! Buy a season pass for savings on both mainstage shows.

Square-Wild-Party-2The Wild Party

Book, Music, Lyrics by Andrew Lippa
Based on the Poem by Joseph Moncure March
May 20th-June 11th
The Victoria Theatre

Featuring one of the most exciting, pulse-racing scores ever written, this lurid prohibition tale steamrolls and roars its way across the stage.

Lovers Queenie and Burrs throw the party to end all parties in their Manhattan apartment. After the colorful arrival of a slew of guests living life on the edge, Queenie’s wandering eyes land on a striking man named Black, while his date Kate sets her sights on Burrs. As the decadence reaches a climax, so does Burrs’ jealousy. Gun in hand and inhibitions abandoned, Burrs turns on Queenie and Black. The gun goes off, but who’s been shot?

Square-Little-Shop2Little Shop of Horrors

Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman
Music by Alan Menken
Based on the film by Roger Corman
September 16th-October 8th
The Victoria Theatre

The deviously delicious Broadway and Hollywood sci-fi smash musical!

Meek floral assistant Seymour Krelborn stumbles across a new breed of plant: a foul-mouthed, R&B-singing carnivore Seymour names ‘Audrey II’ after his coworker crush. The plant promises the destitute Seymour fame and fortune–as long as he keeps feeding it human blood. Seymour soon discovers Audrey II’s out-of-this-world origins and global domination intentions, but is it too late to stop the plant and get the girl?

Buy a season pass for savings on both mainstage shows.

And don’t miss our next Spotlight Cabaret…

The Three Jessicas

Sunday, March 6, 7pm
Martuni’s Piano Bar, San Francisco

Jessicas Coker (CARRIE, LIZZIE), Fisher (Heathers) and Quarles (Seussical, Heathers) bring you an evening of pop, comedy, and good old-fashioned belting. And some Wilson Phillips (of course). Featuring ROLT’s ten-time music director, Ben Prince, on piano.

Dec. 18, 2015

2016 General Audition Dates Announced!

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Our season announcement is coming before the New Year and you know what that means: general auditions! If you’re interested in performing with us, these are the dates we’ll be holding auditions:

January 17 11am-5pm
January 18 6:30-10pm
January 20 6:30-10pm
January 21 6:30-10pm

Sign ups will be available when we announce the season. We can’t wait to see you!

Nov. 21, 2015

ROLT Wins Three Theatre Bay Area Awards!

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Congratulations to all nominees and winners of the 2015 TBA Awards! Ray of Light won three awards for our production of Heathers: The Musical:

Best Ensemble
Alex Rodriguez: Choreography
Laura Arthur: Featured Actress

Congratulations to all!

Sep. 30, 2015

LIZZIE is TBA Recommended Production!

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LIZZIE is a Theatre Bay Area Awards Recommended production. Read reviews here.

Sep. 16, 2015

Who Brings the Riot (Grrl)?

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This guest post is penned by our Assistant Director, Maro Guevaro. Most recently, he appeared on stage as Benji in Crowded Fire’s production of ‘Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them’. 

When centuries turn, it’s rarely a quiet affair. That’s as true as it was in the 1990s (when the women of the Riot Grrl seized the male-dominated world of punk by its balls) as it was it 1892 when the Borden murders shook the tranquility of a small town called Fall River.

But what exactly is it about the last decade of a century that seems to push the world careening toward change? You can chalk it up to selective memory or a romanticism about how we’d like to think about history’s forward march: sometimes lurching, sometimes stalling, and every so often breaking into a full on sprint. Or maybe, there really is something electric about the last year’s of a century that makes everyone want to fuck shit up.

Rebellion, sex, violence, and an unapologetic takedown of the patriarchy were at the core of Riot Grrl, a musical manifesto that exploded in the 1990’s and challenged the idea that the punk world was exclusively a boy’s club. A flier from a Bikini Kill (a key instigator of Riot grrl) tour spells it out:

“[Riot Grrrl is …] BECAUSE we girls want to create mediums that speak to US. We are tired of boy band after boy band, boy zine after boy zine, boy punk after boy punk after boy… BECAUSE we need to talk to each other. Communication/inclusion is the key. We will never know if we don’t break the code of silence… BECAUSE in every form of media we see us/myself slapped, decapitated, laughed at, objectified, raped, trivialized, pushed, ignored, stereotyped, kicked, scorned, molested, silenced, invalidated, knifed, shot, choked and killed. BECAUSE a safe space needs to be created for girls where we can open our eyes and reach out to each other without being threatened by this sexist society and our day to day bullshit.” 

What does the mission and vision of Bikini Kill and Riot Grrrl have to do with the Lizzie Borden of our show? Her friend and (and in our show, lover) Alice Russell probably says it best when it comes to the aspirations of our four leading ladies: “Young girls cannot go and do and have.” In a world where class structure boxed women into a few limited roles and heavily policed their every move, there was a lot to rage against. Not so different from the women at the vanguard of Riot Grrrl who fought to claim space in a male dominated arena, and railed against the idea that women should be quiet, demure, passive, and subservient.

It’s no wonder that the music of Lizzie draws so naturally from the well of righteous indignation of the 1990s. The Victorian world is a rapidly changing landscape worthy of the turn of a century: on one hand the lives of women are strictly controlled and prescribed, on the other, new possibilities are opening up: the right to vote (for some women), more opportunities to enter the workforce, and even the arrival of things like the bicycle which helped challenge the idea that women shouldn’t be physically active. But our characters are cut off from all of that, locked up in a house where they see the world go by without being able to partake. They are bursting at the corset seams to go, and do and have–but the patriarch of the Borden house and Victorian society are working hard to keep those dreams dead.

The Borden House brings enough homegrown terrors to drive anyone to the brink of rage and rebellion.The same spiritual, mental, and physical destruction of women’s lives and bodies that female rockers of the 1990’s mobilized against is the very thing that makes up our Lizzie’s daily life in 1892. When the heat of that pressure cooker becomes too much to bear, her hands reach for the microphone over and over again– until they reach for the axe instead.

LIZZIE opens at the Victoria Theatre on Friday, September 25th and runs through October 17th. Tickets are available at


Aug. 31, 2015

We’re shivering in antici…: Rocky Horror tickets are on sale!

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They’re here! They’re here! Get your tickets here before they’re gone.

Jun. 23, 2015

Being a teenager is awkward.

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Our Sings Like Teen Spirit singers are fully-functioning adults, but that doesn’t mean high school didn’t leave its mark on them. Here they are showing off their high school AIM screennames and email addresses.


See them sing it out this Sunday! Buy tickets here.