The 44th Annual San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Awards is set to take place on March 30, 2020 at the Victoria Theatre. The awards honor excellence and achievements in the theatre arts and ROLT has been honored with 13 nominations for outstanding work in the 2019 season:


2019 SFBATCC Nominees:

Leslie Waggoner, Choreography: American Psycho

Katie Dowsie , Costume Design: American Psycho

Weili Shi, Lighting Design: American Psycho

Jerry Girard, Sound Design: American Psycho

Erik Scanlon, Projection Design: American Psycho

David Moschler, Music Director: Caroline, or Change

Jason Hoover, Stage Direction: American Psycho

Markalia Dyson, Featured Actress: Caroline, or Change

Kyle Ewalt, Featured Actor: American Psycho

Jasmyne Brice, Principal Actress: Caroline, or Change

Kipp Glass, Principal Actor : American Psycho

Entire Production Bay Area: American Psycho

Entire Production San Francisco: American Psycho


Thank you to the SFBATCC and congratulations to our family & friends in the Bay Area Theatre Community on their 2019 nominations!