“The male cast is exemplary in their ability to portray a believable working class sensibility, and their female counterparts are equally strong. Kudos to lead actor Joshua Fryvecind (as Jerry Lukowski), who imbues a blue-collar persona with a sympathetic core, and whose assured vocalizations are reminiscent of Don Henley.”  – Greg Alonzo, Stark Insider

“The huge production of Ray of Light Theatre’s The Full Monty may be packed into the tiny Eureka Theater (opening night was squirming-room-only), but it astonished me how satisfying such full measures of delight, laughter, robust song, and crisp dance could be packed into this revival. Add to that the musical’s memorable messages about self-definition, self-esteem, and the fine art of getting back up when life knocks you down, and you have an evening of pure entertainment.” – Stacy Trevenson, StageAndCinema.com

“Ray of Light Theatre proudly waves the banner of ‘community theatre’, celebrating the combined contributions of gifted amateurs, beginners and seasoned professionals. It is a style perfectly suited to The Full Monty.” – BATCC Blogger and Critic, Charles Kruger (TheatreStorm)

“Director Jason Hoover continues to make magic as he seems to be able to work well with the canvas he’s presented…” – Kevin Thomas, Examiner.com

“The cast does an excellent job at bringing out the impact of these circumstances through nuances which aren’t in the script- the use of expressions, body language and intonation all add depth to characters which in the hands of less-talented actors could easily be little more than stereotypes or caricatures.” – John Marcher, A Beast in the Jungle