Directors’ Note:

Why All-Female?

This is the story that changed everything then, cast with the gender that’s changing everything now.


ElizaShaneIn Jesus’ time, the Romans were taxing the Jewish people to the point of starvation– and murdering anyone who disagreed. Jesus and his apostles were agents of change in a time of great hopelessness, speaking up while knowing the consequences were dire. In 2018, we find women at the helm of major movements for change. You’ll find them at the head of #metoo, March For Our Lives, Black Lives Matter, Time’s Up, and many more. On the other side, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kelly Anne Conway serve as mouthpieces for the Trump administration. Women dominate headlines and airwaves, but still don’t have equal place in society to men and endure disproportionate violence the world over.

While we can’t say for sure whether a historical Jesus existed, what he looked like and what he said, we know that his story is that of an activist who passionately fought for his cause and refused to accept the oppression of his people, all while preaching love and compassion. We see that in female activists of today and seek to highlight their courage and humanity, while still preserving the book, music and story of Jesus Christ Superstar, exactly as written.

-Eliza Leoni & Shane Ray