Blood. Sweat. Musicals.


SILENCE the Musical Submissions


Please submit headshot and resume to


Rehearsals begin: Early December (there will be a holiday break)

Performances run: January 2017-April 2017 (extension possible)

Pay: $75/per performance


Note: Actors are not necessarily required to mimic the film directly, but they should strive to capture the nuanced essence of the original performances combined with strong comedic take.

[Buffalo Bill] 30s to early 40s, Caucasian male. Must be an extremely strong comedic actor who can do a Mid-Western accent. Baritone to G (opt. to A) with a strong lower register.

[Crawford/Papa Starling/Lamb] 40-50, Caucasian male. Head of FBI. Baritone/Bass to E-flat.

[Ardelia/Lamb] 20s-40s, African-American female, to play multiple roles. Mezzo-soprano/Alto.

[Male Lamb] 20s-40s. Male, to play multiple roles.

[Male Understudy] Male, understudy to cover select roles throughout run.