General Auditions 

Dates: April 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th

Location: The Victoria Theatre, 2961 16th St, San Francisco

Sign Ups:

If no time slots are available, please email your headshot/resume for consideration to:


Dates: April 13th and 15th

Callback information will be posted on



One song. Strict 32 bars


REEFER MADNESS: Rehearsals begin August 7th. Performances: Sept 15th – Oct 7th.

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW: Rehearsals begin October 2nd. Performances: Oct 26th – Nov 4th


Reefer Madness Character Descriptions

  • Lecturer/Mom/Goat-Man/Priest/Police Detective/FDR:(male, 30-45) Tenor: Narrator who drives the story and severe authority figure who both instills fear and and incites characters to embark on the roller coaster of sex, drugs, and violence.
  • Jimmy:(Male, 18-30) Tenor: A wholesome, innocent, high school teenager, lured into a world of drugs, sex, and murder.
  • Mary Lane:(female, 18-30) Soprano: Jimmy’s girlfriend, naïve, virginal, curious teenager who’s perception of her small world is exploded when she discovers reefer
  • Jack/Jesus: (male, 30-40) Baritone/Tenor:Proprietor of the Reefer Den, a ruthless gun-toting, 30’s gangster movie archetype who can charm the pants off of everyone as a Jesus hallucination.
  • Mae: (female, 30-40) Mezzo-soprano: The iconic gangster’s moll, the hard-living hostess of the Reefer Den. She embodies faded glamour. The criminal’s mistress with a heart of gold. An unlikely hero.
  • Ralph/Sally’s Baby/Switch-Puller/Uncle Sam: (male, 20-30) Baritone-Tenor:- a denizen of the Reefer Den and former fraternity man. Master of the long con and seduction, reefer is his objective.
  • Sally/Lady Liberty: (female, 18-30)Sally – a seductive resident of the Reefer Den. The vintage bad girl and American woman.
  • Placard Girl: (female, 20-25): Iconic ring- girl and presenter. Bearer of bad news with a smile. Can live in the world of hallucinations, newscasts, and reality.
  • Ensemble2M, 2W (20-35) Zombies, Dancing Teens, Reefer Denizens, Angels, and all-around Hallucination creators. Must play a wide variety of genres (Horror Film, Noir, Rock-Opera, Dream Ballet, etc.). Very strong dancers and singers.

The Rocky Horror Show Character Descriptions Coming Soon