me As we get closer to opening night of Bay Area premiere of Heathers: The Musicalwe will be introducing you to our amazingly talented cast. Each week pop on by to meet some of the faces you’ll see on the first day of senior year at Westerberg High!

We’re thrilled to welcome Melinda Campero back to the Ray of Light stage after performing in our West Coast premiere of Yeast Nation. She’s also appeared in independent San Francisco productions of A New Brain, A Little Night Music, and The 25th Annual Spelling Bee. Melinda made her Ray of Light debut in 2012 in The Full Monty.

Join us as we learn a little more about Melinda, aka Girl #1.

1. Though she claims she cannot play any sports, Melinda can spin a basketball on her finger. Her record is ten seconds!

2. Before Melinda started singing, she was a band kid and played the tenor saxophone. To this day, reading lyrics and notes at the same time is still hard! #BandKidProblems

Melinda 23. Speaking of band..Melinda earned the double honors of both Prom Queen and Band President during her senior year of high school. Westerberg High school would be very confused about how to classify Melinda!

4. Melinda is in two sororities, Kappa Alpha Theta AND Sigma Alpha Iota. Holler!

5. When she’s not on stage, Melinda fuels her unhealthy obsession with documentary films. If she could spend all day watching documentaries, she would — doesn’t matter the topic as long as it’s well down and she learns something.

Don’t miss Melinda in Heathers this month AND in Rocky Horror this Halloween! Heathers: The Musical runs from May 22nd through June 13th at the Victoria Theatre. Tickets are available at