IMG_2577As we get closer to opening night of Bay Area premiere of Heathers: The Musicalwe will be introducing you to our amazingly talented cast. Each week pop on by to meet some of the faces you’ll see on the first day of senior year at Westerberg High!

We’re thrilled to welcome Jon Toussaint to the Ray of Light stage. He’s performed with many theatre companies across the Bay Area, including Broadway by the Bay, Dragon Productions, Hillbarn Theatre, Saint Francis High School, Woodside Community Theatre, San Carlos Children’s Theater, Stanford University, and Starting Arts.

Having just finished his junior year at Saint Francis High School, Jon hopes his senior year is less shocking than that of Veronica Sawyer!

Join us as we learn a little more about Jon, aka Boy #2:

1. If you’re thinking that Jon looks like an actual high schooler, you’re right! Jon is the baby of the cast, he’s 16 years old. He’s about to finish his Junior year of high school and hopes his senior year is less shocking than Veronica Sawyer’s!

IMG_25792. Jon is known for wearing blue shirts.

3. Jon looooooves to tap dance.

4. Not only does he have talented feet, but he also has a talented nose! That’s right, Jon dabbles in the art of the nose flute.

5. Jon is colorblind, and loves to use it as an excuse.

Don’t miss Jon in Heathers this month! Heathers: The Musical runs from May 22nd through June 13th at the Victoria Theatre. Tickets are available at